Wednesday, 16 February 2011

So many sports stories, so little time etc.

It's funny that now I've moved further into sports marketing and sponsorship than in the last two years, I've had less time and inclination to write about it.
Partly because some of the stories I could have written about here could have got me fired but mainly due to the limited time I can give over to blogging, with the move back to Australia, settling in, finding work, moving house and all the rest.
Some amazing stories outside my current job are the current hot trend of verbally bashing AFL footballers, with non-sporting types deriding footballers as role models and those in the know supportive of their positive influence on kids.
Then on the US side are the challenges faced by college and pro athletes when using Twitter, as explored extensively in this article.
I attended a forum on sport and social media run the excellent Digital Sport Australia last night and athletes' Twitter tendencies was one of the topics. There was general agreement that athletes should tweet for themselves (rather than designate a publicity-hungry family member or staffer to do it for them) and they should be genuine and honest without using it to overly plug or attack sponsors. Pretty simple really but it seems beyond the ability of some players and celebrity sports stars to do that.
The Digisport people put on a top event so follow the hashtag #dssau for details on upcoming events and sports stories of interest.

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