Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Still hope yet for basketball's future in the UK

I get cynical about UK basketball often but the weekend was one of those great opportunities to see there are some very enthusiastic players from junior level to streetball warriors who are keen on the game, not just the image.

Though Clapham Common looked like it had been hit by a Powerade, ESPN and EA Sports bulk merchandising drop for two days, seeing the excitement of so many players at the appearance of their Chicago Bulls' heroes was worth the product placement. The NBA Cares program also donated a new court surface - bad timing for us as the weather turns worse but it should last for a few years at a good standard.

The main dunk competition was amazing to watch, some of the boys trying some ridiculous moves and hopefully reminding the sluggish crowd that Dwight Howard and LBJ also started out on street courts, so it's worth cheering for a no-name when they have decent skills.
Here's one example:

That was filmed on my phone but still shows the quality. Ok, most of those guys were from Europe but still, Londoners need all the inspiration they can get.