Friday, 11 March 2011

Barcelona's right to claim 'best in history' tag, says Murray

For those not in the know about Aussie sports broadcasters, Les Murray is the long-time champion of soccer/football in this country. His insightful comments and ability to break down the game for hardcore fans and newcomers alike has made him one of our favourites.

His new blog post about Barca's claim to being 'best of all time' does show his passion for the current team but as his following history lesson on the past 'best teams' shows, Barcelona does have a decent claim for the title.

Now to the comments section: as always with people commenting on articles like this, there are a mix of fan overload, unverified stats ("FC Barcelona is unique in football history with 65 to 70% possesion (sic) against any football team") and English football supporters who have stumbled onto the wrong site.

Still, the words of praise for Murray amongst all the flag waving proves again the esteem in which he's held.

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Positive signs that NBA UK isn't just a Euro marketing tool

So after a few years living in London and occasionally complaining about the poor treatment of UK basketballers, I return home to Australia only to hear that the New Jersey Nets and Toronto Raptors are playing the first regular season game in Britain.

And by the sounds of it, the fans and complete strangers to the game are all going crazy for it. Photo and comments on NBA UK's Facebook page attest to that.

Still, the Nets and the Raptors? When Heat play Lakers or Celtics play the Bulls, then we can get really excited. I know the NBA has domestic ticket sales in mind versus the huge cost of flying the entire showcase to the UK but if they really want the European fanbase to build, bringing in big-ticket teams is the only way to go.

Just look at some of the votes cast on Fan Night. Last time I checked, Wolves v Bucks received only 2% of the votes from fans as their favourite lineup of the night. But those two teams are more likely to play in a London showdown than the league leaders.