Monday, 6 June 2011

Frauds, fakes and tricksters - an entertaining post on The Roar

The Roar is one of those sports blogs that usually delivers more than it promises and has only recently begun to be inundated by advertising.
One of my favourite recent posts has been by Geoff Lemon, in the second half of a piece on sporting fakes and frauds.
Melbourne's hosting of the 1956 Olympics is one of the glory stories that Victoria sports chiefs gloat about, so I'm not surprised the story of young Sydney students successfully swapping the Olympic torch for a silver chair leg topped with flaming underwear has been kept quiet for decades.
Likewise, the monumental failure that was the Firepower magic proton pill or whatever it was meant to be wasn't publicised nearly enough, despite the massive amount of investors money the owner poured into sports sponsorship. I remember Crikey blogging heavily about this catastrophe in 2008 but more serious sports reporters and financial journalists should have taken notice when the company's failure led to the Sydney Kings basketball team collapsing.
Apart from that, Lemon's post is an entertaining read, as is much of The Roar's commentary. And seeing as I've had so little time to blog about sport, it's great to see more serious and indepth pieces on Aussie sport in the blogosphere.

Great Racing Gambles and Frauds